These classes are uniquely designed to incorporate a combination of strength and cardio circuits.  A variation of workout formats use hand weights, barbells, kettlebells, bosu balls, TRX bands, punching bags, sleds, medicine balls, rowers, pull-up bars, battle ropes, bands, court work, HIIT and Insanity cardio spurts.

The group fitness style of Train Insane creates a positive, encouraging and supportive atmosphere to propel you to push to your limits and attain the results you want.

Train Insane is set up in sessions, each consisting of an 8 week block.

What do people think?

Cass invited me to one of her classes a little over a year ago and I have been hooked ever since! I drive 20 min. every morning to be there. Her classes are that amazing! They are fun, energetic, and challenging. Cass does such a great job at motivating and inspiring! She continually adds variety to routines to keep things exciting and fresh, which keeps my body guessing! To me it is worth the drive because there is nowhere else I can get a better workout in 60 min.

-Casey Roberts

There is no better way to start the day! Train insane classes are the fuel for my entire day...The instructors demonstrate modifications, while encouraging us to push ourselves beyond our mental and physical limitations... before my first class I worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up, and I would be self-conscious that I wouldn’t fit in with all these younger women. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. These classes have provided me with a community of support, encouragement, friendship and love. If you’re looking for something to help you get physically in the best fitness level, come and join us!

- Nina Dayton

Our facility

Train Insane classes happen at Real Athlete

This is a newly remodeled space set up for professional level training. Drop in for a tour.


8 Weeks (June 4 - July 27)


Meet the Trainers

Cassidy Merrill


Cassidy began her fitness/nutrition career when she graduated from Utah Valley University with her BA in Community Health. Her excitement for fitness pushed her into the direction of group fitness. She loved the energy and excitement that the environment created and couldn’t get enough. She loves surrounding herself with others who want to work hard, become stronger and give it their all in every workout!! She believes her intense training methods are not only good for the body, but for the soul as well. She loves helping others develop a positive self worth and becoming their best physical and mental self. Cassidy is also an avid runner and just completed the Boston Marathon! She has 3 beautiful children and a husband who also Trains Insane!

Jenisy Arnegard


Jenisy is a wife, mother, believer, and family girl. She loves spending time with her family and especially loves the outdoors and traveling with her family. Jenisy is passionate about fitness.  She believes in people and their ability to push through and do hard things–We’re definitely stronger than we think!  She loves encouraging and cheering others on, especially in helping them reach their goals.  Jenisy is an optimist and chocolate chip cookie enthusiast. Jenisy has a BA in Exercise and Wellness and is a Boston marathoner.  She is a certified body pump group fitness coach, a personal trainer as well as Train Insane Certified.

Kylee Matson


Kylee is a mom of two darling boys.  She enjoys hiking, rollerblading and traveling.  Working out has become an outlet that has made Kylee feel happier and stronger, both mentally and physically. Kylee has such a fun personality and brings such a fun and motivating atmosphere to Train Insane Classes.  She loves helping others reach their goals and become stronger too.  Kylee is a certified Insanity and Train Insane instructor.


We know there are some days you won’t be able to attend classes due to sickness, travel, or schedule conflicts.  You are allowed 2 make-up days during each session. In order to make up classes, please contact your instructor and inform them you will not be attending your regular class.  They can then help you reschedule a class day/time that you can attend for make-up.


Due to the complex scheduling of classes, cancellations are only considered under extreme conditions. Please email for further inquiry.